Compete head to head with players from all over the map to land a set of double tickets to witness the soccer greats in action at the Soccer World Cup Brazil 2014!

To score a set of tickets accumulate points by wagering and through our weekly giveaways. Your points will count toward your leaderboard position. Players in Group A in the final week will shoot for glory and the Grand Prize.

Runners up stand to win their share of 20 World Cup hampers + casino chips valued at $750.
Group A
Name Pts
Mary-Anne H 1559400
Damian R 1557900
Tessa B 1554750
Luca D 1549250
Marc L 1544550
Group B
Name Pts
Gianluca P 1535800
Ingeman E 1534700
Aaron T 1524100
Adolf P 1523200
Joni L 1521200
Group C
Name Pts
Kirstein M 1518900
Mira Q 1516500
Anja C 1501550
Arvi S 1499050
Justin W 1489850
Group D
Name Pts
Siew-Kuan L 520250
florian s 173750
pascale k 155750
RH W 148250
helene M 123750
Group E
Name Pts
christine q 121750
Françoise K 119250
elisabeth C 107750
robin b 104250
melody n 98500
Group F
Name Pts
randolph h 97100
Arne R 95250
Christophe M 82750
nathalie l 79600
frédéric r 78750
Group G
Name Pts
fabienne b 71500
Sébastien C 68000
Joachim S 66000
eleonore d 61250
soren c 59000