If you're a suave, sophisticated and a debonair 007, get playing for nine! Place your bet on the banker, player or both and find out whats on the cards for you in this Rival Casino game.


As you take your seat at the high rollers table in this Online Casino Game, will you Hit, Stand or Double your bet in an attempt to beat the banker. Played with 6 decks and 52 playing cards that are shuffled between each hand.

Blackjack - Multi-Hand

Multi-hand gives you the option to play more than one hand at a time which means you can win more cash, more often. Double your bet and double your win in this Online Casino Game.


Craps is a game of rounds. Roll a 7 or 11 and win immediately. Roll a 2, 3 or 12 and you lose. With 40 different bets to be made, toss the dice and let the good times roll with Rival Casino.

Pai Gow

This Americanised version of Chinese dominoes, also referred to as Double-hand poker is played with a 53-card deck, including the joker, deals 7 cards and the aim of this Online Casino Game is to beat the banker with higher hands. The deck is shuffled between every game.

Red Dog

The objective of Red Dog is to wager on the likelihood that the rank of a third card is going to fall between the first two. If it does fall between, you win in this Online Casino Game. Number cards count as their face value, Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13 and Ace is 14. It's played with a standard 52 card deck.

Roulette - American

38 slots make up the wheel, with alternating red and black spaces numbered 1 through 36. There are two green spaces numbered 0 and 00. With magnified views of the wheel, adjustable play speed, sound and screen size, select your chip value, place your online roulette bet and click spin to set the ball in motion.

Roulette - European

37 slots make up the wheel , 0 to 36 alternating between red and black and the 0 being green. The ball spins in the opposite direction to the wheel and will land on the determining win. Place your online roulette bet on various positions and combinations of numbers, odd/even or red/black.

Table Games

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